It is widely believed that the eyes mirror the window of the soul and providing you look deep enough, you are able to connect with the true essence of the person. The same principle applies to interior decorating. When you enter a person’s home it should immediately reflect that individual’s very own authenticity, in other words, your home is your self-portrait and it should reflect your own personality.

According to Fernanda, “The emotional connection that plays an integral role for creating an environment for living takes people completely by surprise. Whether, your goal is to turn a boring, drab space into a room exuding with sophistication and elegance, or your goal is to create a ‘Zen’ like retreat radiating serenity, peace and tranquility! Whatever you envision, that emotional connection combined with careful attention to design principles, will be the driving force creating the reality in Your Home’s Signature Style!

Fernanda Cunha has been pushing creative boundaries on behalf of her client’s for well over two decades. She is on a continuing mission to educate and inspire her clients to view the entire process of interior decorating through a fresh set of eyes. She admits that although there has been a dramatic, paradigm shift within the industry, her unwavering commitment to share her knowledge and passion remains. “High standards, core values and exceeding our clients’ expectations continue to be the driving force for our business.” Fernanda will help you stretch beyond your comfort zone and will guide you in creating a space that is uniquely yours.

Your Home deserves Your Signature Style!

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